Acrylic paint for exterior and interior application. Available in white and as a base for tinting for 192 colours.  Creates matt surfaces resistant to  atmospheric conditions, gives long lasting decorative effect. Product has very good adhesion to the surface. Micro-porous coat of paint ensure micro ventilation of painted surface.

  • for facades and interior
  • durable colours
  • resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • easy application

NOTICE! Shown colours are only a part of the Finkolora Facade offer. Finkolora Facade full colour pallet contains white + 192 colours.

Product is used for decorative and protective application on exterior concrete and cement-lime plasters, as well as walls and ceilings in living quarters, office spaces and public buildings.
4,5L, 13,5L.
white + 192 colours
approx. 8 m²/l per coat. Actual spreading rates will depend upon absorbing capacity of the substrate and application method.