Thin layered impregnant based on three active resins, which ensure complete wood protection: 

  • polysaccharides resin - facilitate compatibility of impregnate with chemical wood structure, 
  • linseed oil – excellent wood penetration and water repellency,
  • alkyd resin – creates  tight surface, which guarantee resistance to atmospheric conditions.
  • Additionally used pigments protects surface from UV radiation.
  • deep wood penetration
  • durable colours
  • excellent protection against UV radiation
  • protect from unfavourable effect of moisture
clear + 9 ready made shades
approx. 18 m²/l per coat. Actual spreading rates will depend upon absorbing capacity of the substrate and application method.
Impregnant is used for decorative and protective painting of wooden and wooden like exterior surfaces and elements for ex.: windows, doors, arbour, fences, wooden facades of the buildings or other wooden elements.
0,75L, 2,5L.